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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Minuteman Project, Again

First, read this article from Lara Jakes Jordan of the Associated Press.

Here are some key excerpts from the article:

. . .Nearly 500 volunteers have already joined the Minuteman Project, anointing themselves civilian border patrol agents determined to stop the immigration flow that routinely, and easily, seeps past federal authorities. They plan to patrol a 40-mile stretch of the southeast Arizona border throughout
April when the tide of immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border peaks. . .

. . .'We've been repeatedly accused of being people who are taking the law into our own hands," said Gilchrist, 56, of Aliso Viejo, Calif. "That is an outright bogus statement. We are going down there to assist law enforcement.'. . .

. . .Officials concede the 370-mile Arizona border is the most porous stretch on the U.S.-Mexico line. Moreover, recent intelligence show that al-Qaida terrorists are likely to enter the country through the Mexico border, James Loy, the deputy secretary of the Homeland Security Department, said last week. . .

. . .Of the 1.1 million illegal immigrants caught by the U.S. Border Patrol last year, 51 percent crossed into the country at the Arizona border. . .

. . .Gilchrist said the Minutemen are under strict orders to merely identify and follow illegal border crossers and alert federal agents. They should not interact with the immigrants except to offer food, water or medical care. . .

. . . Something dramatic needed to be done to curb the years of crime, property damage and trash dumping caused by the border crossings, Gilchrist said.

"Things are out of control" he said. "And they've been out of control for decades."
Here we have a situation where our country is being INVADED. These are not "migrants" or "immigrants." These are invaders. Already government officials who have proved themselves to be as useless as tits on a boar hog are wailing and railing against the Minuteman Project. Accusations of vigilantism are being flung baselessly. Then to top it all off, the volunteers of the Minuteman Project have all been sternly warned not to "interact with the immigrants except to offer food, water or medical care."

Well, if that doesn't beat all! Now our government is telling us that the only thing that we are allowed to do is aid and abet these scofflaws and invaders in the commission of their crimes!

If a group of home invaders broke into your house and was stealing, pillaging and vandalizing, can you imagine calling the police and having them tell you that the only thing you can do is offer them food, water and medical care?!?!?! Have our authorities and government officials completely lost their f***ing minds?

Can you imagine having a group of squatters set up camp in your front yard, your backyard or even in your living room, all with the government's blessing? And these officials have the utmost gall to tell you to feed, water and administer medical care to the squatters on your property?!?!?!

This is so utterly unbelievable that it brings to mind George Orwell's 1984, replete with "Truthspeak" and "Duckspeak." Un -effing-believable.

The biggest red-herring in this whole mess though is all the people who are only interested in doing something about the monumental immigration problem because of possible terrorism or al Qaeda crossing the border. For the love of God, people, what's wrong with you?!

Is it A-Ok for us to be invaded by millions as long as they aren't members of al Qaeda? Is it A-Ok for you all in other states to just sit there and let Arizona and the other border states be infested and overrun, as long as that infestation isn't al Qaeda? Give me a break!!! I'm sick of hearing about the terrorist threat. Yes, it's real, but whether there were a Global War on Terror going on right now or not, my state is still sinking under the burden of illegal immigration and all you can do is throw us a heavy anchor and watch us sink. Oh, but if a terrorist happens to be caught strolling across the border, then you might be interested.

Shame on you! Shame on you all.

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(My apologies to La Shawn Barber because I know she doesn't like vulgarity. If my post above is vulgar, it's no more vulgar and base than the words and actions of our government who are throwing Arizona and the other border states to the wolves and the rest of the US along with them.)

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