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Monday, February 28, 2005

Immigration Solutions? Part II

IMPORTANT UPDATE: There seems to be some misunderstanding. I don't want anyone to mistakenly believe that because I saw some problems with Polipundit's solution to immigration problems, that it means I support "guest worker" programs. I find that Polipundit's solution (see immediately below and the original post below that) does not address Arizona's illegal alien situation. Even so, I cannot see that rewarding illegal aliens with "guest worker" programs is going to solve our problems either.

My original post written before the IMPORTANT UPDATE above follows.

For those who might have thought that I am just making things up or blowing hot air about the horrible problem with illegal immigration that no amount of Social Security number checkers and no amount of searching for high-profile executives will solve, see here:

CHANDLER - The Chandler City Council, which has wrestled on and off with the issue of day laborers who congregate downtown, appears ready to take action.

"I don't want to see another study, another education process," said Vice Mayor Phill Westbrooks, who had requested the day laborer issue be put on the agenda last week. "I want it to be more of an action process.

"The council gave its blessing to a regional effort, led by the city's Human Relations Commission, to schedule a forum that would address the daily curbside gatherings of workers, many of whom are undocumented immigrants."

Also see here:

"The article was intended to congratulate the City of Phoenix for opening its first center for illegal aliens to make a connection with cash paying employers. It cost the city $120,000. It will be operated by a number of what are referred to as non-profit organizations such as Chicanos Por La Causa and Friendly House. In this case non-profit should not be confused with no public funding. All of the organizations operating this have received funds from the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County in the past."
And also see here:

Day laborers carry out much of the Valley's landscaping, yard work and roofing, said Ramón Guerrero, a former laborer who is pushing the city to set up a center for them.

More than 100 men normally congregate at the corner of Greenway Road and 29th Street in north Phoenix. Many live in the area, but others have learned the spot is popular among contractors, Guerrero said. Smaller clusters line Bell Road from 32nd to 26th streets in front of fast-food restaurants.

Phoenix, like Mesa, is considering setting up a job center in the Palomino neighborhood, where hundreds of day laborers gather at street corners hoping to get work.

The thought of a warm place brought smiles to Alberto Obeso, a 43-year-old Mexican immigrant who stood quivering in the cold Tuesday morning at the corner of Greenway Road and 26th Street.

"A center would be very nice," said Obeso, who says he has done everything from landscaping to plumbing since he arrived in Phoenix six months ago. "The pay is good, but competition is hard."

. . . If Phoenix and Mesa ultimately decide to set up a center for the day laborers, immigration officials won't interfere, Brower said.
[Emphasis mine.]

Not satisfied yet? Still think I'm making this up? See here:

One of Tonatierra’s initiatives was the Macehualli Project, to organize the hundreds of day laborers in Phoenix. Reza believes the Macehualli Union de Jornaleros (Day Laborers Union) will achieve justice and dignity through the establishment of day labor centers.

Tonatierra and Reza’s goals go far beyond the day laborer centers he wishes to create throughout the city. He is pushing for increased Latino political representation and expanding the Xinachtil Program (Xinachtil means “seed” in the Aztec language) in the public school system to teach “traditions, culture, art and science of indigenous people.

”Immigrant advocacy groups no longer promote legal immigration, citizenship, learning English or any other assimilation into this country. Hispanic-rights groups talk of reoccupation and repatriation of the southwestern United States, the land of “indigenous people.”

People, I tell you truly, I couldn't make up stuff this insane if I tried.

You have no idea how terrible the problem is. You don't know how widespread, deep and pervasive it is. However, read just a few of the links I have provided. Educate yourselves. Google "day labor" and "Phoenix" or "Arizona."

Then ask yourselves how much good Social Security number checking computers and pursuing high-profile executives is going to do. That's just bringing an almost empty household plant watering can to fight a forest fire.

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.