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Monday, February 28, 2005

Immigration Solutions?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: There seems to be some misunderstanding. I don't want anyone to mistakenly believe that because I saw some problems with Polipundit's solution to immigration problems, that it means I support "guest worker" programs. I find that Polipundit's solution (see below and the ensuing post above) does not address Arizona's illegal alien situation. Even so, I cannot see that rewarding illegal aliens with "guest worker" programs is going to solve our problems either.

My original post written before the IMPORTANT UPDATE above follows.

Michelle Malkin links to a post by Polipundit who she says "has a a simple, humane, effective plan" for what to do about illegal immigration.

So, I clicked on the link to Polipundit to read the plan.

Now I have a few questions of my own.

I know that Michelle Malkin doesn't live in Arizona, but I don't know about Polipundit.

I do live in Arizona. The entire crux of Polipundit's plan hinges on checking Social Security numbers and prosecuting employers who hire illegal aliens.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but I think you need to come to Phoenix, Arizona and be shown around a bit. For example, you could be taken to a shopping center that lies between 40th Street and 36th Street on Thomas Road. It's where the old Tower Plaza used to be. At this shopping center, you'll find a Wal-Mart, a Home Depot, a Walgreens, and a lot more. In that shopping center you might be surprised to note, on every day of the week, a lot of "Hispanic" men or "Latinos." Let's just cut through the crap and call them Mexicans. There are hundreds of them on any given day. They cluster around every turn-in to the parking lots and along every lane in and out of the parking lots. They gather all along the corner of 36th Street and Thomas Road. You can't possibly miss them.

What are they doing there? They are waiting for people to drive up and offer them a day job. One of the reasons they choose this particular corner is because of the Home Depot that is there. They know that everybody from private citizens to construction contractors and landscapers will be going to Home Depot for supplies AND workers. No questions are asked, no forms are filled out, no social security numbers or green cards or any other documentation is required. The "day laborers" get paid "under the table" and pay no taxes whatsoever. Then they come back the next day and start the process all over again.

Why isn't this stopped? I'll tell you why. Because every agency of the local and federal government here is doing its damnedest to PROTECT and PROMOTE these lawbreakers.

This is not an isolated instance. There are these "day laborer" impromptu mobs that spring up all over Phoenix at various locations and I'm sure the situation is just as bad or worse in Tucson. You know what our stupid city, county and state officials do? They vote to take tax dollars and build "day laborer" centers for these illegal aliens!

The cops are told to back off and not "harass" these illegals because that would be "discriminatory." The "Latino" or "Hispanic" community gets up in arms and screams bloody murder if any police agency or authority so much as looks at a Mexican.

Why do I mention all of this? Because Polipundit states:

"Crack down on employers who employ illegals. Once you throw a few high-profile executives in jail, employers will become sticklers for checking Social Security numbers using the new computerized system."

To what "high-profile executives" are you referring? There are no "high-profile executives." There are farmers and construction contractors and landscapers, and even individual private citizens with odd jobs to do, but there are no high-profile executives and these Mexican illegal aliens aren't getting high-profile jobs.

In my own neighborhood, we have illegal aliens who aren't working for corporations either. They drive "taxis" (i.e. their simple cars or vans or SUVs) that cater to non-English speakers and aren't even licensed to do this business, but no one anywhere cracks down on them. They also drive icecream trucks (3 or 4 different ones come down my street every day). These icecream trucks also don't have any of the necessary licenses to conduct such a business. Does the government crack down on them? No. Does the government care? No.

I'm sorry, but I don't know in what world Polipundit and Michelle Malkin live, but it certainly isn't on the frontlines of the illegal alien invasion. On the frontlines, in the trenches so to speak, our own government ties our hands and actively promotes and supports these illegal aliens.

Bring in all the computerized Social Security number checkers you want. Look for some high-profile executives to charge with employing illegal aliens. Do all that, and you won't have found a single one of the illegal alien invaders that I see every day, and you won't have influenced a single one of them to go back to Mexico. They'll laugh in your face. They ARE laughing in our faces.

But you might just succeed in pissing off the local government and authorities who will do anything to keep their precious "Hispanic" constituency happy.

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.