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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The MinuteMan Project

Although many conservative blog writers such as Michelle Malkin and La Shawn Barber have repeatedly and rightly called their readers' attention to our country's on-going problem with illegal immigration, those who do not live in a border state such as California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas cannot truly appreciate the extent of the problem.

As anyone who has been reading this blog knows by now, I have mentioned more than once the extreme negative impact that Arizona has from the influx of illegal aliens. It is not just an influx, it is a pestilent invasion.

A commenter at Drink This. . . left a message on this thread informing us of this news article from which I excerpt the following:

A United States citizens group is recruiting hundreds of volunteers to patrol the country's border with Mexico, saying theUS Government has failed to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

Organisers of the MinuteMan Project say they have signed up 200 people from across the country to patrol a stretch of the border in Arizona to search for illegal aliens.

Each year, about 1 million illegal immigrants are caught crossing the 3,000-kilometre border between the US and its southern neighbour.

Even more are thought to get through.

Yes, and I think over half of those illegal aliens from the numbers cited above must make a beeline to my neighborhood where crime has risen along with gang activity and drugs and every other modern societal blight of which you can think. A nice middle class American neighborhood has become a cankered cancerous barrio filled with these illegal aliens. But mine is not the only neighborhood in this country to be experiencing this. It is happening in every border state.

It sounds to me like the MinuteMan Project needs all the volunteers and all the help that it can get. (Not to mention all the publicity that it can get. So get cracking! Pass this information along to others. Spread the word! You can "copy and paste," can't you? You can send e-mail, can't you? You can blog about this! Geez, don't just sit there.)

What a shame that this independent group has to do what our "politically correct" government refuses to do. What a shame that our politicians and people in authority refuse to enforce our existing immigration laws, much less implement any much needed stricter measures.

For more information see here and here and here and here.

Don't just read the articles above and then do nothing! Wishing the illegal immigration problem to go away is not going to solve it.

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.