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Friday, January 14, 2005

Homeland (In)Security

The next time you are thinking about flying, you might want to bear in mind this blog piece:

I had a most interesting and troubling conversation with a patient of mine yesterday. The patient, a Federal Air Marshall, related an incident in which he was involved this past year.

He and his partner were assigned to a flight (the airline, airport, and destination were not disclosed) in their customary undercover security role. They boarded the airplane early in order to meet the flight attendants, at which time the cleaning crew was still on the airplane -- somewhat longer than expected. My patient and his partner sat together in seats near the middle of coach class.

The passengers began to board, and he and his partner noticed a single Middle Eastern man sitting near the front of first class. After a number of passengers had boarded, two Middle Eastern men walked by this man and made eye contact, but said nothing.

They sat down together in the front of coach class. Shortly thereafter, two other Middle Eastern men also walked by the man in first class and made eye contact without speaking. They sat near the back of coach class. . .

Read the whole thing. I would hope that the doctor's Federal Air Marshall patient reported his account to the proper authorities. Surely someone should track down the five mysteriously missing Middle Eastern men.

(h/t Brutally Honest)

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