Now You Know

No, by the grace of God, you will NOT plead ignorance. You will NOT testify that you never knew any better because no one ever taught you anything better. You will not plead that you were never told.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

La Shawn Barber on MSNBC

I was fortunate enough to see La Shawn Barber this afternoon on "Connected Coast to Coast" on MSNBC.

It's really unfortunate for you if you didn't get a chance to see her. La Shawn appeared poised, professional, and extremely well-spoken. If you have had the opportunity to read her writing at La Shawn Barber's Corner, it will come as no surprise to you that she speaks as beautifully as she writes. It's true that writing and public speaking are two separate talents, but La Shawn acquitted herself admirably. I am especially glad that she mentioned her Christian faith on the air.

Well done, La Shawn!

(I hope someone on the blogsphere will put up a transcript. If I had TiVo, I'd do it myself.)

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.