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Friday, March 04, 2005

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining?

"Petty bourgeois" of Res Ipsa Loquitur sees a silver lining in the cloud of Mexican officials and others who are having apoplectic fits over the Minuteman Project:

In any event, kudos to the Minutemen for having such a profound influence upon international relations to where the problem is being placed on the forefront, and will be a "topic of discussion" when Condi Rice meets with Mexico's WHITE president, Vicente Fox. I think Mexico should mind its own fucking business and stop meddling in our affairs; but I am so happy to see these white mexican politicians so bent out of shape that they have retained a Los Angeles law firm to impose their will upon our citizens. Good luck on stopping the Minutemen, you stupid corrupt bastards.

Yes, indeed. The Minuteman Project has stirred up the hornets' nests of corrupt officials on both sides of the border. Make no mistake; the corruption that seeks to maintain the status quo or even exacerbate the situation regarding the mass illegal invasion of the US is not confined to Mexico and Mexican officials. Our own officials and agencies right here in the US are having a fit over The Minuteman Project as well.

What's worse, we have esta basura babosa, "Ernesto Cienfuegos," writing this type of mierda. Is that the best that you and your coterie of putos estupidos can do, cabron "Hundred Fires"? Make threats about your people in prisons and what they intend to do to American citizens?

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