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Friday, February 04, 2005

Matt Margolis Apology

Malachy Joyce of the superb blog HundredPercenter, who has been on top of the story regarding teenage blogger Austin, has printed the following apology from Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush:

"Many of you are aware of a situation that has occurred regarding Jordan Golson of Cheese and Crackers, myself, and a teenage blogger named Austin. I've unfortunately been unable to comment on this situation because I have been in class, so I hope you read what I have to say."

"Earlier this week it was brought to my attention that a teenage blogger, Austin, had put an image I created on his site and did not credit Blogs For Bush as the source of the image."

"I informed Jordan Golson, who offered to handle the situation. I was clearly wrong in asking him to take any action on my behalf."

"Not too long later, it was brought to my attention that the image had been credited, and the situation was resolved to my satisfaction. Evidently, the situation did not end there, and Austin's site was later taken down."

"I apologize to Austin and his family for any trouble this caused. It was never my desire or intent for his site to be shut down, and I hope he resumes blogging soon. Austin's mother informed that he is a fan of this site, and that last thing I would want to do is discourage anyone from blogging."

-Matt Margolis

I am grateful to Malachy Joyce for having reported on this situation so thoroughly. He even kindly noticed my little blog and listed it with the others who were blogging about this topic. Thank you Malachy Joyce of HundredPercenter! My earlier entries on this subject will be updated to reflect the apology from Matt Margolis.

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.