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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Blog Bullies Throw a Tantrum, Threaten Thirteen Year Old

Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom gave his readers the heads up about this deplorable behavior by 2 overgrown bullies who wet their panties when a 13 year old boy "stole their Instalanche." Boo hoo. Jeff provided a link to the blog HundredPercenter, who has all the details about the ridiculous blogbully buffoons who descended to calling a thirteen year old boy a "bastard."

Now, I'm not going to link to the 2 bully blogs that pulled this manifestation of hyper-hystrionics. I'll look down and see them both roasting in hell before I provide them with any traffic from my blog. However, I will provide my readers the contact information for both of them. That way you may let them both know what you think of their over-the-top overreaction.

Bombastic Bully #1 is Jordan Golson and he may be reached at:
AOL IM: jlgolson
Yahoo: jlgolson

Bombastic Bully #2 is Matt Margolis:

Margolis had the gall to contact HundredPercenter and state the following: "If you disagree with the manner in which Jordan felt to handle the situation you may discuss that with him."

I agree with HundredPercenter. Go stuff kraut up your keester, Matt. And as for you, Jordan, you braying jackass, Balaam's donkey had more sense than you. Truly, shame on you both!

Update: Jordan Golson states on his blog that his apology, "was emailed to Austin, his mother, HundredPercenter and Matt Margolis" See most recent post above titled "Jordan Apologizes."

Still not a peep, however, from Matt Margolis who lets others do his dirty work for him and then plays the aghast, shocked, "who me?!" innocent.

Update II: Matt Margolis apologizes. See most recent post above.

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