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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

2 Excellent Posts at Crossroads Arabia

John, of the informative and insightful blog Crossroads Arabia, has 2 excellent posts today, February 2, 2005.

John's first post is titled Dr. Rasheed Nails It and it concerns an article by Dr. Mohammed T. Al-Rasheed, a Saudi, that was published in "the largest-circulation English language newspaper in the Middle East." The title of Dr. Al-Rasheed's article is A Magnificent Day for Iraq. You can read John's blog post and the article here.

John's second post is titled End-User Complaints. It is about an article written by Maram Makkawi, also a Saudi, titled Real Universities or Just Big Schools? As John writes, "It's an op-ed of complaint about Saudi university education [. . .]" You can read that post here.

Check out John's posts and the articles for yourselves. They are well worth reading. Thanks, John, for the heads-up!

Stay informed, readers, and consider making John's blog one of your "must reads." If you have a blog of your own, consider adding Crossroads Arabia to your blog roll. Knowledge is power.

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