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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Phoenix's Beloved Jason Schechterle vs. the scum at Weekly World News

As evil and despicable as some human beings can be at times, there are some acts so egregious and low which they commit that even I am at a loss for words to describe their utter contemptibility. Such is the case with the monstrous individuals at the Weekly World News tabloid who are responsible for the most disgusting and deplorable story I have ever seen.

The Weekly World News took it upon themselves to take one of Phoenix's most beloved persons, Officer Jason Schechterle, and place him in their completely tasteless and inexcusably offensive Top Ten List of "the world's ugliest people." You can read about it here.

What did our honored Officer Jason Schechterle ever do to deserve such crass and craven treatment, such appalling and unpardonable defamation from the Weekly World News? I'll tell you. While he was serving as a Phoenix Police Officer, his Crown Victoria patrol car was struck from behind by another vehicle traveling at very high speed on March 26, 2001. The patrol car burst into flames. Officer Schechterle suffered severe and painful burns as a result. You can read about Officer Schechterle at this website here. Being an officer critically injured in an accident appears to be all that is required to make one the target of such heinous, odious and revolting creatures such as work for the Weekly World News.

There are several things that you can and should do to help amend this gross injustice done to Officer Schechterle. First, you can contact him and let him and his loved ones know that you support him and that you are horrified by what the Weekly World News has done. You can contact Jason Schechterle here.

Then you can contact the Weekly World News and inform them what you think of their complete lack of sensitivity and their gross and repulsive exploitation of Officer Schechterle. Contact info. for the Weekly World News is here. You may also contact them by e-mailing them at:

Their snail mail address is:

Weekly World News
1000 American Media Way
Boca Raton FL, 33464-1000

If you are a blogger, you can help spread the word by blogging about this. Please don't let that travesty of a tabloid and its indefensible actions regarding this story go unanswered.

Be humane, be human, be compassionate and stand up for Officer Schechterle and his family. Let your voices be heard! I feel so strongly about this situation that I am going to open up comments for this post, something that I rarely do. I hope Officer Schechterle will sue the Weekly World News so far past bankruptcy that the light from bankruptcy will never reach them!

Update: Ace of Spades HQ kindly posted about this on his blog.

And this isn't funny at all. A beloved Phoenix policeman suffered horribly disfiguring burns after a car accident, and the genuises and moral philosophers at Weekly World News have been
so kind as to name him one of the world's ten ugliest people.

The other nine are the cretins on the WWN's editorial board.

Lol! So true about the WWN's editorial board. Thank you, Ace! You're the best.

Update II: There's also this from Bryan at the MetaBlogger:

I've seen a picture or two of Officer Schechterle. Never was there a face so fair that was obtained so selflessly.

That is so true and so beautifully put! Thanks, Bryan.

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