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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Jordan Apologizes

Jordan Golson has apologized (and hopefully has apologized to Austin and his mother, the true injured parties):

I sincerely apologize for the “bastard” comment. It was out of line and unnecessary. I was hot under the collar and I should have waited until I had calmed down to post on the topic. Matt and B4B should not be dragged through the muck for that comment, that was my comment, not his. Really, the entire
issue was my doing. Matt mentioned to me that his image got instalanched at another site. I had been in contact with Austin before over other things including the Tsunami videos. I overreacted. Again, I apologize.
Posted by Jordan Golson permalink on 02/03 at 12:16 PM

His apology was in the comments sections at both Protein Wisdom and INDC Journal. It is also posted on Jordan's blog. It may be posted elsewhere, but I'm sure those of good faith will forgive me if I don't cite every instance where it appears on the internet, even if it does appear on their own blog too. I wouldn't want to be infringing on anyone's copyright. Heaven forfend!

Update: Jordan Golson states on his blog that his apology, "was emailed to Austin, his mother, HundredPercenter and Matt Margolis."

Still not a peep, however, from Matt Margolis who lets others do his dirty work for him and then plays the aghast, shocked, "who me?!" innocent.

Update II: Matt Margolis apologizes. See most recent post above.

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