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No, by the grace of God, you will NOT plead ignorance. You will NOT testify that you never knew any better because no one ever taught you anything better. You will not plead that you were never told.

Friday, March 25, 2005

NEVER FORGET THESE 58 - The Infamous Kill Terri Schiavo Gang!

In my previous post here, I gave the names of all 58 members of the House of Representatives who voted against the bill to help Terri Schiavo. Every last one of those 58 should be voted out of office.

Now there's a website here, Canada Free Press, that has photographs to go with the names.

Take names and remember faces! Print out that page from Canada Free Press. Never forget the names and faces of this infamous band of 58 co-murderers. They should be reviled and scorned and publicly humiliated wherever they go. By their inhumane act they have exiled themselves from humanity.

(h/t The Black Kettle)

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.