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Thursday, December 30, 2004

La Shawn Barber Asks for Reader Input

La Shawn Barber is asking for reader input for a piece that she will be writing on "The Year of the Blog."

I’m developing a post about “The Year of the Blog,” a series of significant events in 2004 that changed the blogosphere or at least people’s perception of it.

I’m asking for reader input on this topic. What significant event(s) of importance occurred in the blogosphere in 2004? Rathergate and the presidential election rank at the top. What impact did these and other events have on the blogosphere? What impact did bloggers have on them?

. . . Your input on “The Year of the Blog” post will greatly assist me. And spread the word about this post.

Help La Shawn out if you have something of value to say. Please be respectful and courteous when contacting her.

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