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Monday, December 06, 2004

Cheat Sheet for Foreign Letters with Accent Marks, Etc.

Fun, fun, fun! That's what this blog is all about. That and nude pictures of Anna Nicole Smith. Or nude pictures of Dr. Smith from Lost in Space. Or nude pictures of a Smith & Wesson. Oh, and I better throw in the words naked, nekkid, nekid, undressed, no clothes, etc. Just in case anyone is trying to find my blog with Google. Ya' never know. [Ya' bunch of sick bastards, um, er, I mean you wonderful blog readers! Bookmark my blog and y'all keep comin' back, ya' hear?]

Anyway, Jeff Goldstein's take down of Chirac over at Protein Wisdom had some people inquiring about how to make those funny foreign accent marks and letters so that they can engage in some F*** the French fun and frivolity. [And since Jeff Goldstein may wind up on jury duty, now seems an opportune time to steal his readership, uh, I mean borrow his faithful readers. Yeah. That's the ticket.] Just to show you all that there is no length to which I will not go to be helpful, here's a cheat sheet for making some of your own most commonly used foreign letters with accents (Multinational characters). NOTE: YOU MUST USE THE NUMERIC 10 KEYPAD ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF YOUR KEYBOARD. MAKE SURE THE NUM LOCK KEY IS ON. THE NUMBERS ABOVE THE TYPEWRITER KEYS WON'T WORK FOR THESE SHORTCUTS.

é = Alt Key + 0233

è = Alt Key + 0232

ê = Alt Key + 0234

ë = Alt Key + 0235

á = Alt Key + 0225

à = Alt Key + 0224

â = Alt Key + 0226

ã = Alt Key + 0227

ì = Alt Key + 0236

í = Alt Key + 0237

î = Alt Key + 0238

ï = Alt Key + 0239

ò = Alt Key + 0242

ó = Alt Key + 0243

ô = Alt Key + 0244

ö = Alt Key + 0246

ù = Alt Key + 0249

ú = Alt Key + 0250

û = Alt Key + 0251

ü = Alt Key + 0252

ç = Alt Key + 0231

ñ = Alt Key + 0241

There. That should be most of the commonly used ones. Let me know if you need any others. In the meantime, use this cheat sheet. Print it out or save it to your computer. Or if you're too damned lazy, cut and paste the character you want. Or make a macro on your computer that will do it for you. Whatever.

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.