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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Cacophony in the Categories OR Weblog Awards Revisited

Once again, no offense intended against any or all of those conducting the Weblog Awards , I'm just miffed because some blogs that I truly feel are deserving were either overlooked or, in my opinion, miscategorized.

Nonetheless, when life hands one lemons, one must resign oneself to making lemonade (until such time as one can get even and kick the bloody pee-doodly snot out of life). With that in mind, here are my picks:

Best Overall Blog: LGF (Little Green Footballs)

Best New Blog Established 2004: Barking Moonbat Early Warning System

Best Group Blog: The Command Post

Best Humor Blog: [Oh ho! Wouldn't you all love to know. I ain't tellin'. However, I will say that four of my favorite blogs are in the running. Those four are (in alphabetical order)

Beautiful Atrocities

Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher

Protein Wisdom

Scrappleface [I still say this one isn't really a blog.]

Best Conservative Blog: La Shawn Barber's Corner

Best Election Coverage: The Corner

Best Media/Journalist Blog: Michelle Malkin

Best Culture Blog: The Llama Butchers

Best Essayist: Victor Davis Hansen

Best Australia or New Zealand Blog: Tim Blair

Best of the Top 100 Blogs: Ace of Spades HQ

Best of the Top 100-250 Blogs: Patterico (Patterico's Pontifications)

Best of the Top 1000-1750 Blogs: Cranky Neocon

So there you have them. Go vote. Now! You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.