Now You Know

No, by the grace of God, you will NOT plead ignorance. You will NOT testify that you never knew any better because no one ever taught you anything better. You will not plead that you were never told.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Michael Moore and Oliver Willis Explained At Last

Here's an interesting article by John Fauber of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel titled Research Links Fat to Loss of Brain Size . Excerpted from the article:

"In one study, a Medical College of Wisconsin researcher and scientists in Sweden found that being overweight throughout adulthood raises the risk of brain atrophy.

. . . Those who were overweight at various points throughout the study were significantly more likely to have a loss of brain tissue in the temporal lobe, a part of the brain involved in several cognitive functions, including language, comprehension and memory.

. . . The researchers found that for every one-point gain in BMI, the risk of temporal lobe atrophy increased 13 percent to 16 percent.

. . . There are several possible explanations for how being overweight contributes to brain cell loss. Excess fat likely contributes to a "vascular milieu" that is unhealthy for the brain, Gustafson said."

So there you have it. Regarding Michael Moore and Oliver Willis, that explains a lot. You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.