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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

2 Women of Intelligence, 2 Men Without Testicular Fortitude

There are 2 excellent blog posts today about the issue of illegal immigration. One is by Michelle Malkin, titled REPEAT AFTER ME: PRO-ENFORCEMENT IS NOT "ANTI-IMMIGRANT" . The other is by La Shawn Barber, titled Pro-Enforcement, Not Anti-Immigrant . Read them both.

Why is it that 2 female journalists have both the intelligence and the testicular fortitude to see this problem for what it is and to see that we had better do something about it, when 2 male politicians (among many others) exhibit a complete lack of said intelligence and testicular fortitude regarding this matter?

To which 2 male politicians (with the aforesaid glaring deficiencies when it comes to getting serious about illegal immigration and putting a stop to it) am I referring? Well, as I indicated, there are so many that you could pretty much randomly take your pick and still be accurate.

But the 2 male politicians to whom I am specifically referring are President George W. Bush and Senator John McCain. It boggles the mind that 2 men who bill themselves and are promoted by others as paragons of manly virtue, as former servicemen in the military, as college educated, and as Republican conservatives could be so willfully blind about illegal immigration.

I voted for George W. Bush for president. I supported him as our nation's president in his first term and I support him now. I don't need and I won't tolerate any bullshit from anyone who feels that I am attacking him. Also, I have voted for John McCain in the past, but I will not make that mistake in the future. Although he just last month easily won re-election, I did NOT vote for him and I doubt that I will ever be foolish enough to vote for him again. I don't care one fig that he is currently one of the darlings of the media and the cheered champion of so-called "moderates."

Not only do these 2 men lack the intelligence and testicular fortitude to do anything about the catastrophe that is illegal immigration, they also go out of their way to exacerbate the problem! It's bad enough that they don't try to fix it, they encourage it and do everything they can to augment it.

The 2 men in question have become the pimps or madams for selling out the USA on the issue of illegal immigration and the johns to whom they have prostituted our nation are the Hispanic community, or to be more blunt and precise, those of Mexican descent or from Mexico. Let's face it, they have not taken their position regarding illegal immigration in deference to would be immigrants from Albania or Zimbabwe, from Australia or Zaire or any other country from A to Z.

I live in AZ (Arizona) and daily reap the consequences of their betrayal of the American people, sold out for less than a song and a dance, sold out for no more than a potential vote from voters that historically have overwhelmingly voted against them, against Republicans, against conservatives. These are the johns whom they are trying to seduce.

Thank you for prostituting us and U.S. to those from whom you will never receive payment for your procuring.

If you saw what I see on a daily basis, those of you who live in other areas of the country, you would be aghast. You think you understand the scope of the illegal immigration problem? Try living in a state that borders on Mexico. I'll wager we on the frontlines of the illegal immigrant invasion could show you what the problem really looks like in all its myriad monstrosities.

Don't expect that your elected representatives will do anything about it though. Heaven forbid that they should alienate MECha, Chicanos Por La Causa, La Raza, or any of all the other Hispanofascist-intimidation-tactic groups.

I would say, "America! The barbarian hordes are at the gates!" except that there are no gates and the barbarians are already inside.

Update: There are no gates, they're already inside, and I forgot to mention that the proposed Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, is a member of La Raza, an open borders advocacy group.

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.