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Friday, April 01, 2005

Mel Gibson on the Truant Bush Brothers & Terri Schiavo

Oh, there was nothing else that George W. Bush or his brother, Jeb Bush, could do! They did everything possible! It was out of their hands!


The following is what Mel Gibson had to say about it on an interview with Sean Hannity and he is absolutely right:

"I'm appalled and stunned that we've gotten to this..I just sit here watching this whole scenario play out in front of me with my mouth hanging wide open, that our country has come to this. I think it's really a dark, black day.

"What happened to just being a human being, you know? It's nothing more than state-sanctioned murder. All the big guys, they all have their hands tied up by some tinhorn judge down there. Come on, when they want to whip a judge, they got no problem doing that. Look what they did to [Ten Commandments proponent Roy Moore] in a heartbeat. So they can do it if they want. They just don't want to."

[Emphasis mine.]

They obviously didn't want to stop the cold-blooded murder of Terri Schiavo. As a conservative and a Christian, I can no longer support these derelict men.

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