Now You Know

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Power to Save Terri Schiavo and the Law to Uphold Doing So

From The Black Kettle comes this:

The Florida state constitution declares unequivocally that in the state of Florida "the supreme executive power shall be vested in a governor … ." The word supreme means highest in authority. There can be no executive authority in the state of Florida higher than the governor. No state law can create an executive authority higher than highest in the Florida constitution. Therefore no court order based upon such a law can constitutionally create such an authority. If the governor tells the local police in Pinellas County to step aside, they must do so, or else be arrested and tried for an assault on the government of the state, which is to say insurrection.

Just so. How dare a duly elected governor let some underling, a bribe-taking corrupt judge, rule the state of Florida with impunity? Everyone of the so-called "police officers" who are carrying out judge George W. Greer's orders should be relieved of their authority. Every last one of them! God save us from such murderous mercenary thugs!

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.