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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cheering a Murder to "Get Dubya!"

One wonders what sort of sadistic and conscienceless individuals would cheer on the death of an innocent woman. Human nature being what it is, it might be understandable (although not excused!) if Terri Schiavo or her family, the Schindlers, had ever personally harmed these death-applauding monsters in human skin:

Stop beating the damn dead horse--it ain't waking up!

I can't wait. Bush is going to get his ass handed to him when she finally kicks it.

Let's hope the Supreme Court will again refuse to hear the case.

Jesus, hopefully soon this thing that should be a PRIVATE MATTER will be off our screens. I'm SICK TO DEATH OF THIS WOMAN.

Why the fascination in prolonging the petri dish phase of Terri's life?
What monstrous, immoral monkey and whore spawned these commenters? What disease of the soul has eaten away at them like a cancer until there is nothing but an unclean and twisted mockery or humanity left?

Those commenters (and all the other nepharious multitudes who are just like them) were all made in the image of God and made to be beautiful. They were made to be His supreme works of art, just as we all were! And yet, left to their own devices, they have become so degenerate and despicable that their blackened bitter souls distort them into a diabolical caricature. They have thrown away all pretense of the humane and prostituted themselves into a mockery of both man and God.

I do pity them. But I have more pity for Terri Schindler-Schiavo who is being murdered, forced to die a heinous death because of them.

(hat tips to Allah is In the Poor House and

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