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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

More Lives Than Shirley MacLaine!

Have you ever been subjected to watching one of those awful grade Z horror movies where the monster just refuses to die, no matter how many times it has been "killed"? You probably know the kind of movie to which I'm referring.

Well, I know of a story AND a creature, a Wool-y ninny of a creature that insists on stirring the pot when it would have behooved that same creature to figuratively "shut its mouth." I had already stated in the post which you can read here that I wanted this story to rest in peace. I had also previously written about this here and here.

However, it now appears that mister Joseph Woolcock, much like a mindless zombie in a celluloid nightmare, is determined to keep rising from the grave and attempting (no matter how feebly) to terrorize the living. The lowercase "m" mister Woolcock may be a risible character out of a very bad scream flick, but I am not. I am also not one of his unfortunate students.

It has come to my attention that mister Woolcock has now taken it upon himself to issue thinly veiled threats such as the one in this post that he sent to Bob Parks, "a former Republican congressional candidate (California 24th District), ex-Navy, father, graphic designer, producer/composer, life-long New England Patriots fan, and member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21":

Mr. Parks:

Thanks for your response. I am trying to understand your
reasoning. According to your message, two 'students' called you on their own and relayed information about me which you then developed into a 'column,' that defamed, slander [sic] and berated me. No independent person confirmed the
purported stories you were allegedly told. You never talked with me because you were told the 'matter' was being handled internally.

You never met me and knew nothing about me until those 'two students' called and relayed information about me. Yet, you went ahead and based solely on hearsay, publicly defamed, slander [sic] and assassinated my character. How do you justify your actions in that regard? And how do you even suggest that you '...disagree with some of my methods...?' What methods are you talking about? Have you ever observed a class I teach? When did hearsay become evidence that can withstand the kinds of scrutiny that are at the core of American jurisprudence?

I would like to invite you to remove the column you posted on your website about me that defames and slander [sic] me. I think it is only reasonable for you to do so. I am hope [sic] you are fully cognizant of the ramifications of your actions.

Thank you,
Prof. Woolcock

[Emphasis mine]

My dear sweet Lord above, this poor individual has a PhD and cannot even manage to string together simple declarative sentences in English or conjugate verbs. I suppose I should cut him some slack on that issue. After all, he is a Political Science professor and it might be too much to ask that he be capable of writing a short error-free missive.

Nevertheless, I must echo Mr. Bob Parks in iterating that I too am not one of Woolcock's 17 year old students. Please read Bob Parks' entire post for which I have provided you the link.

Bob Parks handled the situation quite well in my estimation. He worded everything in a dignified and mature manner and refrained from inviting mister Woolcock in vulgar words to go piss up a wet rope.

More's the pity though, because now I feel that I must make at least a half-hearted attempt to match Mr. Parks' self-restraint. Therefore, I won't tell mister Woolcock to go pound sand up his giggy.

On second thought, what the heck -- Woolcock, I would like to invite you to go pound sand up your giggy. If you had any sense at all you would drop this subject and go right back to your obscure little job where you can continue to spout your inane drivel to any and all willing to fork out the money. If you had consulted with any reputable attorneys rather than shysters, they undoubtedly would have given you the same advice, if they had even a modicum of uncommonly good sense.

(h/t Tim Blair)

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