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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Crime and Corruption Cabal that Murdered Terri Schiavo

"Rule of Law"??? Terri's cruel and vicious torture and death at the hands of murderers was anything but an example of the "rule of law." What a ludicrous lie that was from the very beginning! Read this, the whole sordid and sickening tale of corruption of officials who should all be brought to justice. Here's a brief excerpt:

Meanwhile, if there are any key players in the ongoing Schiavo controversy who do not have a hospice board of director, right-to-die membership, or political campaign contribution conflict of interest to declare, would they please stand up?
Read the whole thing!

The sophomoric "secularists" who keep insisting that this was all the rule of law need to pull their heads out with a resounding POP. Evil breeds evil and these despicable people are getting away with more than just the torture and murder of an innocent woman. Let's see to it that they don't get away with it.

(h/t The Black Kettle)

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