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Sunday, April 10, 2005


As you know if you have been reading this blog, I have very recently left the Libertarian party after many, many years of being an active and contributing member. I have contributed to campaigns, stuffed envelopes, made phone calls and whatever I could do to promote the idea of liberty as our founding fathers knew it.

As you also know, I wrote in detail here about why I left a party that has abandoned the principles of liberty to espouse libertinism and murder.

Any political party that would cheer and actively support the murder of Terri Schiavo, abortion, and indeed, the murder of any and all cannot be my political party. Their stance is no longer a stance for liberty, it is a stance of irresponsible lunacy.

And speaking of irresponsible lunatics, here's what one mongoloid idiot on the internet has to say:

Here's a thoughtful individual who thinks that Terri Schiavo ought to have been kept alive, and doesn't have much good to say about those who disagree. For someone who says "I can't think of a hell deep enough for you all to fry in, but I don't have to think of one. God has that covered," he doesn't seem at all sure that God's going to be stern enough.

I've got a definition of hell for you: An eternity of this guy screaming in one ear and Brian Leiter screaming in the other.
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That poor moron, going by the name of Mme. Puce or whatever it's calling itself, has a blog (if one can call it that) where it rarely posts anything at all, but its infrequency of posting must be taken for a mercy and a virtue. It's bad enough that such an uneducated and virtually illiterate troglodyte as SeƱorita Fuchsia even has a blog. Compounding the offense of its deliberate ignorance and subnormal IQ, it also has a total disregard for human life (you know, all those life forms who are superior to Frau Chartreuse).

I have a better definition of hell for you, Mlle. Mauve [or whatever ridiculous alias you don for the day]: Hell is that place wherein you and those of your ilk will treat one another through all eternity in the same manner you treated others on earth; that is to say with a total contempt for one another and an utter hatred of life. Hell is being eternally out of God's presence and in the presence of none but those such as you. You deserve one another. How utterly pitiable you would be, if it weren't for the fact that you defend and promote the murder of innocents. Even God has his limits in forgiveness: Matthew 12:31

I begin to suspect that T. H. White was absolutely right; stupidity such as yours really is the sin against the Holy Spirit.

You've been told and NOW YOU KNOW.