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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This Is Indeed the 11th Hour and Time Is Fleeting!

Of course, the "11th hour" of the title to this post is a metaphor. It is actually far more than 11 hours that Terri Schindler-Schiavo has been cruelly and inhumanely deprived of food and water. The title refers to this coalition that is planning on holding a press conference tomorrow:

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WASHINGTON, March 22 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The 11th Hour Coalition to Save Terri Schiavo's Life will hold simultaneous press conferences tomorrow -- Wednesday, March 23 -- at 12 noon in Washington, D.C., and Tallahassee, Fla.

This ad hoc partnership of religious and political organizations -- which will gather in front of the White House and the Florida governor's mansion -- will call on President George W. Bush and Gov. Jeb Bush to use their executive powers to protect Terri Schiavo from starvation.
"There are two people in the United States who can save Terri Schiavo's life right now. The president of the United States and the governor of Florida have the authority to use the police services at their disposal to take Terri into protective custody, restore her food and hydration, and arrest anyone who would interfere," said Dr. Paul Schenck, executive director of the National Pro-Life Action Center on Capitol Hill. "For the sake of Terri's life, we cannot afford to wait while the courts dither over jurisdiction." Details of D.C. Press Conference

WHAT: 11th Hour Coalition to Save Terri Schiavo's Life Press Conference
-- Dr. Paul Schenck, National Pro-Life Action Center on Capitol Hill
-- Stephen G. Peroutka, Esq., Face the Truth TV & Radio
-- Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, Human Life International
-- Michael A. Peroutka, Esq., Institute on the Constitution
-- Rev. Greg Cox, Faith and Action
-- Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life
-- Rev. Stephen Cox, Gospel of Life Ministries
-- Rev. John Vandenberge, National Clergy Council
WHERE: Near the White House; North side of Pennsylvania Avenue; Opposite the White House gates.
WHEN: 12:00 p.m. E.T.
/© 2005 U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770/

Let us all pray fervently that Terri Schiavo will still be alive tomorrow!

The two Mr. Bushes can intervene. They have the power to do so. Jesus Christ, our Saviour whom they claim as theirs calls them to do so.

Even the intellect of a life affirming atheist would call them to do so. There will be no excuse if our nation allows this murder to take place when it CAN be prevented.


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